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Boiler Repair


A water boiler is a system used to heat your home by distributing heat with water. If your home heating system consists of pipes and radiators rather than vents, that means your home is heated by a boiler heating system. A boiler works by heating the water into steam which is an inexpensive and efficient way to transport heat. 

At AIM Plumbing, we are well-versed in water boiler systems and can repair or replace your existing boiler.


What is the difference between a water heater and a water boiler?

A water heater is a large tank that heats water by burning gas or by utilizing electricity. A standard water heater will heat the water and then keep it at that temperature until the water is used. 

A water boiler is used to bring heat to the home. Boilers are very versatile heating systems that give you great comfort during the cold winter months. Today’s boilers are also very energy efficient.

How do I know my water boiler is in need of repair?

There are many symptoms that could indicate that your water boiler is in need of repair. If you notice leakage, your pilot light keeps going out, low boiler pressure, strange rumbling sounds, radiators are not heating up, or if the system keeps switching off, you should contact AIM Plumbing immediately for boiler service.

Why choose AIM Plumbing for my water boiler needs?

With our 24/7 service and no hidden costs, AIM Plumbing Services go above and beyond to bring you the most efficient, timely, and highest-quality plumbing services possible. In addition, we have certified mechanics and experienced, truth-worthy professionals, providing the best plumbing solutions in Edmonton.


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