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Sump Pumps


A flooded basement can cause a lot of headache and thousands of dollars in damage. A properly functioning sump pump helps divert excess water away from your property during heavy rains or snow melting to avoid leaks and flooding. The sump pump experts at AIM Plumbing can assist you with everything from repairs, replacements, and new sump pump installations to ensure your pump is working when you need it. 


What is the purpose of a sump pump?

The main purpose of a sump pump is to pump and send water away from the house, to a place where it can cause less problems — usually a city storm drain or a dry well. Efficient drainage and maintenance is essential to avoid leaks and basement flooding.

What does it cost to replace a sump pump in Edmonton?

The cost to replace a sump pump in Edmonton varies from approximately $450 to $650 for a complete replacement.  It depends on the type of submersible sump pump that has been installed. Call our team for an inspection and a free estimate.

How much does it cost to install a new sump pump?

For residential grade projects the average cost of a new system is around $2500 to $4000. Commercial sump pumps are often higher and range considerably based on the depth of the sump pit.


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